Blog Reviews – Blogging Sites for a Beginner Blogger

In this research you will find some of the best blog sites of today. All are top ranking not just in features and storage, but pricing as well. They offer fantastic customer support to help define your needs in a hosting provider.


Let’s Take WordPress for Starters

This is a free blogging service offered to consumers. The price is right, it’s simple, and easy to use yet not smothered with ads. WordPress, is strictly about blogging everything you need to promote your blog is at your fingertips. Complete with promotion and tracking features a just a few options for mobile blogging. You can customize your on template or choose what works best for you. In the posting box, text and HTML is available with all the standard bells and whistles. To top off your blogging, give the plugins or widgets a try and make your photo slide show spectacular.

On Blogger,

there are a bazillion customizing features that enables you to blog with your style. Share many ideas, items or just a life experience. Blogger is also a free service. It’s very popular and owned by Google making signing up for Google adsense so much easier. If you are a beginning blogger, it’s direct and to the point, but some beginners, may have a bit of difficulty moving through the site. Whereas an, advance blogger will find it easy as pie as well as flexible to navigate. Sorry users there aren’t any traffic tracking tools. They have what is called “open source templates , so your choices are unlimited. Blogger’s other tools are design options, HTML mode change, previews, imports from URL’s and spell check. When you’re promoting on you blog let Google take the weight off with its automatic system. You can add a third party widget to obtain a total visitor count. If you need tech support, see one of many tutorials, visit a forum or simply do a search. This site is great for casual to semi-professional users.


Unlike SpongeBob Squarepants (just a bit of humor), Squarespace…

is really for beginners. They even won the Bronze Award as they gain popularity in the blogging world. They offer a 14-day trial version, as well as basic paid package. The navigation is ever so easy, but, it’s not free and a bit expensive. Besides, the blogs look fantastic. This site is about the quality of design so it’sworth the few dollars they charge for the service.Everything is modular, so when you move a plugin about, you will discover just how easy it really is to make any changes to customize your blog. Add a picture or a complete slide show it’s still easy to do. The posting box is standard, but, still allows room to change text or format. Also, you can post from a cell phone within your email box. Squarespace, has its own built in tracker which is most useful if you have a business blog. Even tracks where your visitor goes next. They offer the standard tech support system including video tutorials. All in all it’s a very reliable host in view of the cost than most blog services. It’s worth it!

LiveJournal is a great blog

place for writers. There are writing challenges within hundreds of groups on the site. So, if you are testing the waters to find your place in the world of writing and perfect your skills. Then this is where you should be. Live Journal offer avatars, many layouts and themes to choose from for free. The upgrades will cost you in the end.

On Wix, you can create a free blog,

customize it and then publish it, with total ease. All by using the easy drag and drop tool or watch the step by step demo. In no time you can create and design a great website. Wix has hundreds of templates, HTML and Flash to get the look you have within. They offer free hosting, various social features, need a domain name, well that’s at your fingertips too. Update your blog anytime without worry.


or Tumble Log as some bloggers refer to it. Here bloggers do more photo blogs and reblogging. There are still many texts, audio and video post, mostly by beginners or microbloggers. Like Posterous you can change the theme on your blog page. In a reblog it is also reposted back into your Tumblr. Lastly, you can import other post and RSS feeds from other service.

Twitter is known as a microblog site,

because you only have 140 characters to say your piece. Twitter is a very successful site and one of the best places to communicate with people.

Weebly you can continue to blog with a free account

and be ad-free as well. Weebly is a 6 year old company making the name standout as a blog site. If you decide to buy a domain and upgrade to professional for a small fee, it’s available. Having the option of customizing a page is a great idea. Whereas others may think it’s too complicated. Frankly, it all depends upon the individuals’ style and how often he or she blogs.

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