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My review of and what's really going on.

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MyHotBook has been around a while now. You see it advertised on porn videos and I think it used to be a porn site. Recently someone mentioned that it was an adult dating site. I had to look into it a little further.

What’s actually happening here?

Well, it looks like now has a redirect that leads you to a signup page for Untrue has a backwards e and advertises that you can cheat on your spouse or find a fling. It’s an adult dating site that I had never heard of before so I looked into it a little further and now I’ve learned that it’s owned by the same people that own Amateur Match. None of this was particularly bad news, so I decided to give it a shot…

The signup process was relatively painless which was a plus. I gave an email and a username to get a confirmation email. Then I setup my profile within 3 minutes and was ready to browse. Very quickly you’ll realize that many of the “featured” girls are webcam girls that give you a show. You have to scroll down to see the “featured members” to find other girls actually looking to hookup. After clicking on your first girl of interest, you will see one small picture of the girl and profile page then they tell you you need to signup to see more pictures.

I realized the site wasn’t great when I started clicking on some of the girls profiles in my area. On their profiles it will show their “buddies” which is a good indicator of what’s likely going on. When a girls “buddies” are all old fat guys, you start to realize that these girls are not real. They are likely fake profiles because why else would these beautiful girls signup just to befriend old fat guys? It doesn’t make any sense.

I spent a little over an hour on the site just trying to find one legitimate girl in the area that might be looking for a hookup. I didn’t find a single one. The site seems fine if you’re looking for a webcam girl, but I found no success with the hookup part of the site and I would not recommend it.

Conclusion Rating
I wouldn't waste my time if I were you.
1 stars

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