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Ariens Lawn Tractor Review – 46 inch 22HP V-twin

ariens 46 22hp vtwin

For the last 3 months my wife and I have feverishly been researching lawn mowers. At first we were settled on a Zero Turn Mower and we were ready to drop over $3,000 for it. We had just bought our first house and it was time to pull the trigger and start mowing our 3 acres. Then we hit a snag financially. Spending $3K on a lawn mower seemed silly at that point and it was time to be realists. We toyed with purchasing a used zero turn but even those were $2K and then you are usually dealing with someone else’s problems. We started looking at lawn tractors again and decided it was ok if we take a little longer on our lawn since we both like to mow. After all the research and discussions online and in store with people well-versed on lawn mowers, we eventually decided on the 46 inch wide Ariens with the 22HP Briggs and Stratton V-twin.


Ariens is the entry level brand of John Deere. You usually find them at Home Depot. Despite the cosmetic differences from John Deere, it has cheaper accessories (tires, wheels, paint job not as nice, seats a little cheaper, etc) but the great thing is that they have the same engine as they’re shiny green counterparts. Overall they’re orange and not as pretty but they do the job just the same. Check out the video below to see some Ariens Power.

Briggs and Stratton V-twin

The Briggs V-twin always seems to come up in the same sentence as the Kohler Courage. Personally I like the fact there are two pistons instead of one, but all you have to do is a quick search to find pros/cons for each. People usually have a personal preference and it’s almost become as intense as the ford/chevy debate. Overall, great engine with a lot of power.

Overall Grade

I give the 46 inch version of the Ariens Lawn Tractors (Model #960460056) 5 stars out of 5. I was shocked by the power (in a good way) and impressed by the price. For $1399, you can get a machine worth easily $300 more than that. Even though I’ve only had it a couple of weeks, I am very excited about it and look forward to give an updated review in the next few months. Happy Mowing!

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