Finding Local Sex

So, you’re ready to get laid. Who isn’t? We’ve all been there. It’s 6pm on Friday and you want to go out and get crazy with somebody, but who? and how? and where? How does the process of meeting a potential hookup even start?

Well, if you’re willing to do some searching online, there are a lot of options actually. There are dating websites, online adult dating sites, niche dating sites, and craigslist casual encounters. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages, but the truth is they can ALL get you laid.

finding local sex

First, you should figure out what you want, precisely. This can be tricky because it also involves doing a self assessment. If you are overweight with no job and live at your parents house, then trying to find a model tonight is going to be unrealistic. Set your sites to a realistic expectation for yourself. For me, I’m not very attractive but I still find a lot of success dating milfs. Cougars are always ready to pounce. This is a great way to find a local chick for sex quickly.

local sex girl

Once you’ve figured out what you want then you need to start signing up for some of these sites. Craigslist doesn’t require a signup to browse, but most other sites do. If you have to fill out a profile, make sure it’s precise and remember less is more. Have a couple pictures of your face and keep your profile simple, but not lazy. The key is what you say to a girl via messaging. Once you start messaging girls, they just want to look at your profile to assure 1) you aren’t crazy and 2) you look okay. Once you start rambling about your life story, you will sound crazy. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. It’s true with everyone. Don’t ramble.

Now, once you’ve setup a profile on one of (or all) these sites, you need to start messaging. Message as many girls as you can. It’s all a numbers game, so don’t be afraid of some rejection because there will be rejection. You just need one. Here’s the trick and the most important part to your whole game…

Ask a question. Sounds simple, but too many guys get this wrong. Your goal is to engage a girl in conversation, not tell your long-lost lover how beautiful she is. Keep things very very light, but also keep an edge. For example, a simple “I see your from Boston, you got a funny accent? :) ” sounds kind of stupid, but these types of messages are the best way to get a girl interested. From there, you just have to keep asking her questions to get her engaged before you ask her out for drinks. It’s really that easy.


Top Adult Dating Sites Reviewed:

1. HiSlut


3. JustHookup




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