Looking for a casual hook-up with a horny guy or gal with no strings attached? Xmatch.com may be the website for you. Promising to connect local singles, this adult dating site is one of many that may or may not be legit. How can you tell if a hook-up site is legit? Read this review obviously! There have been lots of mixed feelings regarding Xmatch, so it may be good to do a little investigating before you fully commit.

Xmatch.com could possibly be one of the most unappealing adult dating sites around – it’s landing page is terrible, the girls featured are NOT HOT, and the whole interface is slow and wonky. While you may indeed have success finding some chicks who want to play, they probably will not be tens. Even the naked girl on the landing page is a five at best. And prepare to pay up if you really want to get down and dirty – no dating site is completely free.

Fall 2017 Update: Xmatch.com is still rocking it, and I’ve actually gotten laid 3 times in the last year because of this site. You are never going to bat 1000%, but some sites are 0 and some at around .100. XMatch has had me batting .500 so far and I highly recommend it!

Does Xmatch.com deliver?

Well, it really depends on what you’re looking for. Xmatch.com gives users the opportunity to meet local horny singles, look at live web cam shows, or even peruse amateur porn clips and pictures. The quality of the online content is something to be desire; lots of pixels, photo-shopping, and low-light. Of course, it is amateur after all but most people involved with online porn know better than to be in a pitch black room with a cell phone camera from 2008. However, if you want naked photos and videos, they are here for sure.

Looking for a real-life meet-up in order to get your dick wet? That may be a bit more challenging, that is, if you’re picky about who you fuck. As mentioned above, most of the girls on Xmatch are not conventionally hot. However, there is something for everyone and who am I to judge? If you’re searching for porn-star level women, this website is not for you. If you do want real-looking people who are horny and available, then you’re in luck.

One user of the site, DowntownBrown36, stated that while he was not in the market for a “super-hot” chick, he still found some decent ladies on the site. Most guys realize that they probably aren’t going to end up with Jennifer Lopez or Charlize Theron and with that in mind, Xmatch.com isn’t so bad. DowntownBrown36 said that while it did take some time, he eventually was able to connect with a few chicks via the site. One woman was in her mid-30s, a bit thick, with tattoos and the reviewer said that the sex was decent enough that he would continue to use the site. However, he did say that many of the women are obviously desperate and that is a huge turn-off.

Is Xmatch.com a scam?

It’s difficult to answer this question definitively as one’s own interpretation of the word “scam” should be considered. If you think you’re going to find America’s Next Top Model or something, look elsewhere. Most people assume that if something costs money, it will automatically be great. This is not the case with Xmatch, unless great to you means successfully fucking someone. No, they probably won’t be Nicki Minaj, but will you cum? More than likely. As reviews state, the quality of this website is a bit low but hook-ups have happened.

I feel personally like you’re better off sticking to a free site like Craigslist or Backpage if you want casual sex with someone who is regular looking and basic. Paying a subscription fee for Xmatch.com doesn’t feel right, as most of these people probably do have existing ads on free websites. Why throw money down the drain when the same person can be found for nothing? At the same time, there are other opportunities on Xmatch to see web cam shows and porn so maybe it’s not all a scam. Again though, I must say, there are plenty of free places to see what you’ll see on Xmatch.com.

The Final Word

Xmatch.com is not winning any prizes for best hook-up site anytime soon. Personally, I feel like the website needs a lot of work if it wants to impress people and gain paid users. The women on the landing page are not that attractive, and the quality of pictures and videos is definitely lacking. However, the site still has merit when it comes to creating legit hook-ups with rather less hot people. Will you get to have casual sex? Probably. Will it be with a super-hot cougar that knows every trick in the book? Probably not. Personally, I would stick with free websites such as Craigslist instead of a site like Xmatch.com. It gets you the same results, only without the jacked-up prices. But remember, results always vary so feel free to check the site out and see what YOU think!

Article Revised 10-1-17

Hislut Review

Hislut.com is a hookup site featuring nothing but freaks down to fuck. The site shows horny local people posturing for the cam in every position, advertising their craving for cum. The profiles on this site are just regular folks searching for an easygoing hookup otherwise called casual fucking with no kind of relationship beyond the sex. Users can search for every diverse flavor, and even get a bit sneak peek of what’s in store from their potential match. As one of the new sites in this extremely prominent business, Hislut.com does confront a daunting task for devoted adherents. Fortunately it won’t take long as this site has something for everybody.

local sex girl

As a dating site, Hislut.com is a little different in the way it pulls in members. The greeting page flaunts an enormous titted blonde attempting to persuade the viewer that they ought to take a short “test” to figure out if they can get entrance to more pictures and names of nearby hos. Those sufficiently fortunate to qualify will then make a profile and look for horny young ladies searching for causal sex. Promising a bit of everything, clients are excited to sign up and begin their hunt.

There is a considerable amount to browse on Hislut.com. Obviously there are the ordinary “hot” young ladies with long hair and doe-eyes, yet there are even more differing sorts. Those who love MILFS will discover a lot of housewives dying to get laid in ways they haven’t been in years. Colorful chicks with dicks guarantee to give a show you’ll need to see. From youthful to old, shaven to clean, and everything in between, Hislut.com has someone for literally everyone.

Users of Hislut.com are also offered access to an expansive collection of amateur porn content. While waiting patiently for the fuck they had always wanted, members can check out the unlimited amounts of cum shots, lesbian fucking, anal – and that’s just the beginning. Pretty much as wide-ranging as the profiles on the site, the porn content has a tiny bit of everything. The site is upgraded routinely; with new videos uploaded every day featuring the next big amateur porn stars.

For devotees of Hislut.com, the site is a go-to. The interface is simple to utilize and helps visitors in discovering precisely what they want immediately. One member needing a Latina lady to peg him discovered the ideal woman in just a couple of days. The porn is super easy to search as you can both browse and actually search. It doesn’t take long for viewers to see what they need and get off. The porn is mostly of high quality with only some poor images.

Some guys who have used Hislut.com were skeptical that it would work. The guarantee that horny sluts are just waiting to gargle their cum seems a bit unbelievable. And while there are some overtly sexy women on the landing page, not every single person on this site is a 10. However, there is someone for everyone so these comments should not be taken too seriously.

Hislut.com offers potential users a few separate opportunities. From hot local singles searching for causal sex to shemale beginner porn, this site has it all. Past visitors have discovered the ideal lay within days, and continue searching for additional fuck buddies. Others find the site gimmicky and unbelievable with less to offer than other bigger, better known adult dating sites. However, these comments are found on every single hookup site out there. Intrigued individuals looking to get off online or off ought to try Hislut.com for themselves. They may discover the trickling wet pussy they have constantly longed for.

Great Lawn Mowers Under 1500


Ariens Lawn Tractor Review – 46 inch 22HP V-twin

ariens 46 22hp vtwin

For the last 3 months my wife and I have feverishly been researching lawn mowers. At first we were settled on a Zero Turn Mower and we were ready to drop over $3,000 for it. We had just bought our first house and it was time to pull the trigger and start mowing our 3 acres. Then we hit a snag financially. Spending $3K on a lawn mower seemed silly at that point and it was time to be realists. We toyed with purchasing a used zero turn but even those were $2K and then you are usually dealing with someone else’s problems. We started looking at lawn tractors again and decided it was ok if we take a little longer on our lawn since we both like to mow. After all the research and discussions online and in store with people well-versed on lawn mowers, we eventually decided on the 46 inch wide Ariens with the 22HP Briggs and Stratton V-twin.


Ariens is the entry level brand of John Deere. You usually find them at Home Depot. Despite the cosmetic differences from John Deere, it has cheaper accessories (tires, wheels, paint job not as nice, seats a little cheaper, etc) but the great thing is that they have the same engine as they’re shiny green counterparts. Overall they’re orange and not as pretty but they do the job just the same. Check out the video below to see some Ariens Power.

Briggs and Stratton V-twin

The Briggs V-twin always seems to come up in the same sentence as the Kohler Courage. Personally I like the fact there are two pistons instead of one, but all you have to do is a quick search to find pros/cons for each. People usually have a personal preference and it’s almost become as intense as the ford/chevy debate. Overall, great engine with a lot of power.

Overall Grade

I give the 46 inch version of the Ariens Lawn Tractors (Model #960460056) 5 stars out of 5. I was shocked by the power (in a good way) and impressed by the price. For $1399, you can get a machine worth easily $300 more than that. Even though I’ve only had it a couple of weeks, I am very excited about it and look forward to give an updated review in the next few months. Happy Mowing!

Planning Your First Vegas Trip

So I was recently talking to my friend about his first trip to vegas and as I was writing, I thought this could be good advice for anyone going their first time. Be advised this is for people a little to old to party hard every night and a little too young to just goo for the shows…

Ok, well first let me tell you that it always takes longer than it should to get from one place to another on the strip. So if you have dinner plans 1.5 miles away, give yourself a half hour to get there. Part of it is the enormity of the resorts themselves, part of it is figuring out where you’re going, and part of it is the congestion of people (both walking and driving) on this one little 2-3 mile strip.

Okay, with that said, now the fun stuff…

Vegas is awesome, especially your first time. There is so much to just walk around and see. Generally when people talk about Vegas, it’s just “The Strip” they’re talking about which is 2-3 miles of S. Las Vegas Blvd. There are a few hotels that are a little more “family friendly” (ie:Excaliber, Monte Carlo) that I would avoid.

Walking Around –

A lot of my time in Vegas has been spent just walking around. You can drink on the streets, so feel free to bring a nice big irish coffee/margarita/goldschlager bottle with you. If it’s daytime, it’s always a good idea to where a swimsuit underneath because you never know when you are going to find a pool you want to take a dip in.

For walking around on a nice day I’d walk up to Paris, cross over to City Center (where Aria and The Cosmospolitan are), then head south and just get a flavor of the place. Then I might head back to MGM for lunch then head further south down to Luxor (the big black pyramid) and Mandalay Bay check out the pools, grab some dinner and even catch a show.

Another good walking trip would be starting at City Center and heading north to walk around Bellagio, Caesar’s, and Venetian but then grabbing lunch at Planet Hollywood or Paris (it will be much much cheaper). These places also have extremely nice pools but there may be a cover to get in. I’ve walked into Caeser’s before without paying a cover for their pool but I think it depends on the time of year.

On a rainy day you can go walk around The Grand Canal Shoppes (under the Venetian) which is pretty cool but be careful because it can be an expensive place to take a girl :)

Lunches –

If you are looking for some lunch food, I attached an article I tend to agree with http://govegas.about.com/od/cehapeatinginlv/a/25forunder25.htm except for their recommendations of Excaliber and Monte Carlo.

Pools –

There are 2 types of “pools” in Vegas. There are standard hotel pools which are usually nice and free, but then there are pools that are more like daytime clubs. A place like Tao Beach (Venetian) can be A LOT of fun if you are looking to just have a crazy day of drinking and partying. There are also a couple topless or clothing optional pools are if that’s your thing. Last time I was there we went to Marquee Day Club & Pool which I probably would not recommend to couples. If you’re looking for more of a nice place to relax poolside and find some peace… I’m a fan of the Bellagio pool. They have some planted trees, a little bit of shade and a little less of a rowdy crowd.


If you are looking for a nice places for dinner, I recently became a huge fan of Holsteins (Cosmopolitan) because it’s relatively inexpensive for a really good meal. They also have a good beer list. Good steaks, burgers, American cuisine. The Pallazzo and The Bellagio both have some really amazing steakhouses (Prime, Carnevino). One of the great things about Vegas is the food. You can go on yelp and get a pretty honest idea of how good a place will be before you go there. As long as you avoid the places that get bad reviews, you won’t be disappointed.

Night Clubs –

This really depends on what you’re in the mood for. If you want to dance and get crazy – LAX at The Luxor or Tao at The Venetian are the hot spots. They are where everyone likes to go and they can be fun but can also be very expensive (i think the covers for these places are $20+ and drinks are $7+) so I usually grab dinner at Tao then stay there for the nightclub afterwards. If I remember correctly, you get in free if you had dinner there.

I love Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill in Harrah’s because it was free to get in (at least it was last time I was there) and there’s a live band, reasonable (for Vegas) drink prices and just a fun atmosphere.

If you are single and looking to hookup with someone that night in vegas, you can try myhotbook.com and find a one night stand. Remember what he says in Hangover though, “Not everything stays in Vegas.”


Check out your own hotel. I haven’t stayed at the MGM Grand before but I think I’ve played blackjack and even some poker there. You’ll have to check out the pool and some of their food and tell me how it is. The nice
thing about doing things at your hotel is that you’ll have free access to the pool and you can just bring your room card and charge things to the room (food, beverages, etc.)

Mio Liquid Review

Over the last 10 years, energy drinks have flooded the market and started a revolution in the beverage industry. They’ve cut into profits for the major soda (or “pop” if you’re around the northern midwest) companies Coke and Pepsi. Their promise to give you more energy in a tasty beverage have lured customers and caused some to become borderline addicted.
Redbull was the first to start an aggressive marketing campaign in the US with their 8oz drink which had the same amount of caffeine as coffee along with other vitamin supplements meant to provide you with extra energy. By the middle of the last decade, thousands of competitors had sprung up and there was a surge in Energy Drink Consumption. The only difference now is that these drinks have gone from 8 and 12oz to 16 or even 24oz. Not only that, the caffeine is even more concentrated than it was in the early 2000’s. Currently a 16oz Noz Energy Drink is said to have more than 260mg of caffeine. That is 3 times the amount a cup of coffee has!

With the growing number of energy drink consumers, grew increased scrutiny on the entire market. More recently people have discovered the energy drinks are just not that good for them. Not only is the caffeine ridiculously high, but the calories in sugar form are overwhelmingly bad for you. This combination creates a burst of energy in most people for 1-2 hours, but after that there is an awful “crash” that most people experience.

To combat this crash feeling, there have been several attempts at a health-conscioused energy drink. Most of these attempts are simply diet versions of their original forms, but often times they miss the mark on taste. It’s only been in the last 4-5 years that 5-hour Energy and similar products have been on the market. These are low/no calorie drinks and are usually under 2 fluid ounces. They taste okay, but still have high acidity which you can actually taste.

Mio Liquid came out within the last few years and revolutionized the game. At first, they had a small capsule which would squirt a concentrated juice into your water and it came in a lot of different flavors.

Mio’s most recent invention is their new Mio Energy Drink. They’ve taken their great idea of a concentrated juice and made it better. Unlike many of the other energy drinks on the market, they actually have less caffeine than red bull and it costs less. You can find them in Black Cherry and Green Thunder flavors. If you like Mountain Dew, you’ll like Green Thunder.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a pick-me-up that will provide you with a little extra energy without the sugar and for less than other energy drinks, then Mio Energy would make a lot of sense for you. It’s easily transported, you can buy it anywhere, and it tastes better than any non-calorie juice I’ve tried. It’s a superior product and I recommend it to anyone that likes un-carbonated energy.

Blog Reviews – Blogging Sites for a Beginner Blogger

In this research you will find some of the best blog sites of today. All are top ranking not just in features and storage, but pricing as well. They offer fantastic customer support to help define your needs in a hosting provider.


Let’s Take WordPress for Starters

This is a free blogging service offered to consumers. The price is right, it’s simple, and easy to use yet not smothered with ads. WordPress, is strictly about blogging everything you need to promote your blog is at your fingertips. Complete with promotion and tracking features a just a few options for mobile blogging. You can customize your on template or choose what works best for you. In the posting box, text and HTML is available with all the standard bells and whistles. To top off your blogging, give the plugins or widgets a try and make your photo slide show spectacular.

On Blogger,

there are a bazillion customizing features that enables you to blog with your style. Share many ideas, items or just a life experience. Blogger is also a free service. It’s very popular and owned by Google making signing up for Google adsense so much easier. If you are a beginning blogger, it’s direct and to the point, but some beginners, may have a bit of difficulty moving through the site. Whereas an, advance blogger will find it easy as pie as well as flexible to navigate. Sorry users there aren’t any traffic tracking tools. They have what is called “open source templates , so your choices are unlimited. Blogger’s other tools are design options, HTML mode change, previews, imports from URL’s and spell check. When you’re promoting on you blog let Google take the weight off with its automatic system. You can add a third party widget to obtain a total visitor count. If you need tech support, see one of many tutorials, visit a forum or simply do a search. This site is great for casual to semi-professional users.


Unlike SpongeBob Squarepants (just a bit of humor), Squarespace…

is really for beginners. They even won the Bronze Award as they gain popularity in the blogging world. They offer a 14-day trial version, as well as basic paid package. The navigation is ever so easy, but, it’s not free and a bit expensive. Besides, the blogs look fantastic. This site is about the quality of design so it’sworth the few dollars they charge for the service.Everything is modular, so when you move a plugin about, you will discover just how easy it really is to make any changes to customize your blog. Add a picture or a complete slide show it’s still easy to do. The posting box is standard, but, still allows room to change text or format. Also, you can post from a cell phone within your email box. Squarespace, has its own built in tracker which is most useful if you have a business blog. Even tracks where your visitor goes next. They offer the standard tech support system including video tutorials. All in all it’s a very reliable host in view of the cost than most blog services. It’s worth it!

LiveJournal is a great blog

place for writers. There are writing challenges within hundreds of groups on the site. So, if you are testing the waters to find your place in the world of writing and perfect your skills. Then this is where you should be. Live Journal offer avatars, many layouts and themes to choose from for free. The upgrades will cost you in the end.

On Wix, you can create a free blog,

customize it and then publish it, with total ease. All by using the easy drag and drop tool or watch the step by step demo. In no time you can create and design a great website. Wix has hundreds of templates, HTML and Flash to get the look you have within. They offer free hosting, various social features, need a domain name, well that’s at your fingertips too. Update your blog anytime without worry.


or Tumble Log as some bloggers refer to it. Here bloggers do more photo blogs and reblogging. There are still many texts, audio and video post, mostly by beginners or microbloggers. Like Posterous you can change the theme on your blog page. In a reblog it is also reposted back into your Tumblr. Lastly, you can import other post and RSS feeds from other service.

Twitter is known as a microblog site,

because you only have 140 characters to say your piece. Twitter is a very successful site and one of the best places to communicate with people.

Weebly you can continue to blog with a free account

and be ad-free as well. Weebly is a 6 year old company making the name standout as a blog site. If you decide to buy a domain and upgrade to professional for a small fee, it’s available. Having the option of customizing a page is a great idea. Whereas others may think it’s too complicated. Frankly, it all depends upon the individuals’ style and how often he or she blogs.

Users Blog On!