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Tubekitty features amateur user-generated content on several different tubes or channels. There are literally hundreds of categories to choose from, and the most vanilla to the most hardcore sex can be seen here. Links to other sex-related content including photos, webcams, and hookup profiles can be found right alongside the ocean of material on the landing page. This site is dedicated to everything sex.

Videos can be streamed and downloaded along with picture galleries featuring incredible amateur models. Some of the photo collections include current porn stars in the classic spreads that they made way back when. There are no download limits and nearly all of the content is high-resolution and HD. Not every single file is the best, but there are plenty more to distract yourself with.

Not Just Gay, But So Much More

The diverse amount of material includes gay, straight, and shemale porn. Guys that want to see a twink get his dick sucked can find it here. Hot chicks with dicks perform live doing original and interactive shows every day and night. There are tons of links to extreme kinks and BDSM content as well. Tubekitty wants everyone to be able to get off, no matter who or where you are.

You Won’t Find a Similar Twink Website

Content comes from all over the world, from Asia to Africa to America and every place in between. Scroll down the A-Z list on the website landing page to explore exotic women and their wild sexual appetites. Brazilian honeys with huge asses get cum all over while virgin Australian teens get popped for the first time. The international flavor on tubekitty is hot and spicy.

If you would like to reach out to some these fine foreign ladies, there are also live webcam shows and chatrooms. Search for girls from anywhere and come upon amateur performers engaging in solo and group play. There could be two best friends that want to explore each on camera or maybe a lonely housewife that wants to be seen sexually. You can often control the action by chatting and making new friends with benefits.

Links to free fucking are featured alongside the webcams and photo galleries. Set up a free profile and begin browsing all of the available sexual partners in your area. These are people looking for casual, no-strings sex that does not extend beyond bedroom walls. Similar to other hookup sites like Adult Friend Finder, the site wishes for you to have wild and safe sex, so always try to creep your potential partners before sliding it all the way in.

A Unique Website

While some visitors to may complain that it is the same as everything else, they may not be digging deep enough. While it is true that not all of the content is exclusive, there are plenty of clips that get their start here. The site’s loyal user base explore tried and true voyeurism in every way, shape, and form. Pornography connoisseurs appreciate this, and state that tubekitty is the only way to go.

Booloo Caters to Everybody


Booloo is among many amateur porn sites that offer streaming content on different so-called tubes or channels. In addition to plenty of sexy screen grabs linking to hardcore action, there are also links to sister sites where even more exciting things can be found. While booloo may be one of the more obscure sex websites out there, it definitely holds its own among the big boys.

Anal, Tits, and Sex. Who Could Ask For More?

Booloo stands out as a website because of its great amount of hot videos. Scroll down the landing page to see gorgeous women with huge tits sucking on cock, ebony ladies with giant asses engaging in anal, and plenty of things you cannot even think of. The variety of content as far as kinks and subgenres represented is vast, allowing those with the time to explore new and exciting ideas.

A Website That Keeps You Entertained

Aside from all of the run of the mill scenarios, there are plenty of tubes that stand out as more specific and perhaps even needing a google before pulling the trigger. For those people just clicking around, beware of things that you have never heard of it. While double fisting Asian may sound intriguing, it could be a far cry from what you are expecting to see. At the same time, it can be fun to play Russian roulette with their porn time.

Booloo does not just cater to American users specifically; there are people from all over the world uploading their homemade sex tapes. Explore women from Indonesia, Estonia, Mexico, and anywhere else you can imagine. Some of the eastern European are especially voyeuristic and feature real couples having amazing sex. If you have a certain race that you fantasize about, feel free to search booloo.

Love The Double Penetration

The search feature is an awesome part of the booloo interface.  Sometimes you see a clip that you loved, such as “Caroline De Jaie Gets Double Penetration” but cannot remember where it originated. By searching on booloo, users can find exactly what they want when they want it. The amount of classic content is pretty large, with many famous stars in their early days of porn featured.

In addition to the screen grabs and lists of categories, there are also links to other websites that booloo may partner with.  Visitors can explore both visually explorative content as well as links to uber-specific categories.  Users that enjoy a touch of grey in their lives may appreciate the BDSM links, while guys that ride bare back may get just what they need. Again, look out for links that may be unfamiliar or weird to you.

As online tube style porn sites are beginning to become bigger and bigger, websites that are alternative booloo may be quite different. Booloo tends to remain a link and screen grab based landing page. Competitors want to crush the little guy, whereas booloo likes to work as a team with other sites. The whole sharing and caring vibe that booloo and its partners have is quite romantic when one thinks of it.

For fans of hot and hardcore sex that want to support the little guy, booloo should be your new go-to. Featuring hundreds of incredible kinks to explore, including international content, this website has something for everyone. Perfect for every day or once in a while, booloo covers its ground when it comes to niche. While not as corporate as its big named competitors, this little porn site that could refuses to be beaten and instead joins with its friends in sex. From barely legal blondes to Indonesian virgins, booloo will lead you there while allowing your hippie conscious to rest at ease.

Apetube has Awesome Amateurs

Free amateur porn site apetube offers a vast collection of different channels featuring various scenarios and kinks. Similar to other streaming video websites, apetube has everything from anal sex tube to Indian tube. All of the content is user-generated, and some of the performers have developed quite a following, while others are just starting out.


Visitors to this website will be amazed at the amount of sexy screen grabs there are, featuring tons of hot ladies engaging in anything you could dream of.  Near the bottom is the landing page is a large list of different kinks, scenarios, and types of women. This allows users to not just see what they may want, but also read about even more sex they may not be aware of.

I Love the TubeReport

There are of course everyday blow jobs and facials, but the interesting categories are very specific in their titles. Asian machine chick tube and anal pain tube were two of the more captivating kinks. Some of the words had to be googled in order to fully understand just what was ahead. This may be important for the especially strange sounding ones, as the results of one click could be devastating to your psyche.

View Sex with Indians, Or Other Hot Ethnicities

Porn connoisseurs that seek out only the freshest content will appreciate apetube for its preview rating system and views tally. This is similar to other competitor sites as the top trending clips are listed in addition to what’s hot now. Some visitors may disagree with the rankings, but that should not sway from having a look at the clip anyway. There has to be some reason why it has more views that another other video.

This website does have clout because of its high status on tubereport. Sites are judged based on their popularity, ease of use, and amount of quality content. Apetube consistently ranks high among other streaming porn sites, and is praised for its diverse amount of material and performers. While some argue the site is overwhelming due its vast nature, this opinion is of the minority.

Great Photo Galleries

In addition to all of the amazing content apetube has to offer, it also features links to photo galleries. While most of the pictures are of solo women, there are some hot couples and orgies too. Groups of files can be downloaded in zip format, allowing users to check them out one by one or trash the whole set in a hurry. The photos are generally high resolution but not everyone is perfect. You do get what you pay for once in a while.

For those seeking a more interactive experience, apetube does feature live webcam chats and fuck free now links. Users can sign up for a free profile and begin communicating with hot and horny folks locally or around the world. Many past users claim that they have had mind-blowing sex both online and in real life. Visitors should tread lightly; this is an online world full of strangers after all.

What is HiSlut? has been posted on every new porn video I’ve seen over the past few weeks. It’s an interesting site because in reality there is no membership and it’s not a real site. They brand their site all over porn videos so you or I will check out the site when we’re feeling lonely. Once you do, you see a hot naked woman and a questionnaire. It asks a few questions:

Are you over 24?

Do you have any STD’s?

Do you wear a condom?

Then they proceed to look official by confirming you qualify and asking you to treat everyone in the site with respect. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what you answer in the survey, they are going to send you to the landing page. They’ve already roped you in, now they want to tie you down.

Frankly, I find it hilarious that you can go back and retake the questionnaire with entirely different answers and they send you through the same stream. They could of at least sent you to separate sites depending on your answers. If you are really looking to get laid with no strings attached, don’t waste your time on

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Ariens Lawn Tractor Review – 46 inch 22HP V-twin

ariens 46 22hp vtwin

For the last 3 months my wife and I have feverishly been researching lawn mowers. At first we were settled on a Zero Turn Mower and we were ready to drop over $3,000 for it. We had just bought our first house and it was time to pull the trigger and start mowing our 3 acres. Then we hit a snag financially. Spending $3K on a lawn mower seemed silly at that point and it was time to be realists. We toyed with purchasing a used zero turn but even those were $2K and then you are usually dealing with someone else’s problems. We started looking at lawn tractors again and decided it was ok if we take a little longer on our lawn since we both like to mow. After all the research and discussions online and in store with people well-versed on lawn mowers, we eventually decided on the 46 inch wide Ariens with the 22HP Briggs and Stratton V-twin.


Ariens is the entry level brand of John Deere. You usually find them at Home Depot. Despite the cosmetic differences from John Deere, it has cheaper accessories (tires, wheels, paint job not as nice, seats a little cheaper, etc) but the great thing is that they have the same engine as they’re shiny green counterparts. Overall they’re orange and not as pretty but they do the job just the same. Check out the video below to see some Ariens Power.

Briggs and Stratton V-twin

The Briggs V-twin always seems to come up in the same sentence as the Kohler Courage. Personally I like the fact there are two pistons instead of one, but all you have to do is a quick search to find pros/cons for each. People usually have a personal preference and it’s almost become as intense as the ford/chevy debate. Overall, great engine with a lot of power.

Overall Grade

I give the 46 inch version of the Ariens Lawn Tractors (Model #960460056) 5 stars out of 5. I was shocked by the power (in a good way) and impressed by the price. For $1399, you can get a machine worth easily $300 more than that. Even though I’ve only had it a couple of weeks, I am very excited about it and look forward to give an updated review in the next few months. Happy Mowing! – The Real Deal is an adult dating site that lets users chat and potentially hook up with local horny ladies (or guys if that’s your thing).  Users can create a profile for free and browse for whatever flavor they are into.  It is free to flirt but to get to the good stuff, a paid subscription is necessary.  Reviews of the website are mixed, but there are plenty of features to take advantage of and I have heard of some people having great slip cc experiences.

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Aside from being able to meet up in real life, users can upload their own home made videos.  Once live, the users can tag the content to show people just what they are in for.  Past viewers can comment as to whether or not the tags and action are legit.  Videos range from solo masturbation with toys to multi-camera amateur porn.  Voyeuristic couples that get off on showing off for the world bring themselves to the edge just for you.

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What is and is it Real? is an amateur online girlfriend porn video streaming site, offering different subscription levels with tiered pricing.  Offering nearly 3,000 different high definition videos, this website offers new content on a very regular basis.  There are several different flavors of videos, gearing towards different racial and sexual preferences.  From girls pleasuring themselves solo for the camera, to hardcore group sex, this site has it all.


While the content of this website is not necessarily unique, it is diverse.  Users can choose from a drop down menu that will give them different options for content.  While the performers are considered amateurs, many are quite expressive and sexually open.  Videos vary in length, with some being a few minutes of straight to the point fucking and others being over 15 minutes of hardcore steamy sex in multiple positions.


Users looking to subscribe can get 2-day, 30-day, 90-day, or 180-day access passes.  The value of the pricing scheme is good compared to similar websites.  With videos being updated daily, subscribers are never at a loss for new content.  Reviewers have found to have great ease of use as well as plenty of variety.  Other amateur sites may have more of a niche market, but this website offers all types of sex acts with lots of diverse people


The legitimacy of the videos on should not be questioned.  These are real people engaging in various sex acts, generally without the regular “plots” of professional pornography.  For people looking to get straight to the hardcore fucking they desire, this website is perfect.   While the “actors” are amateurs that does not necessarily degrade the quality of the content.  Not every video is award-worthy, but will get the trick done.

Sexy Shots-

It is worth noting that most of the videos are hard-core in nature.  Viewers can see women getting fucked in all orifices, close up masturbation, cum shots, and more.  The money shots are mostly impressive, with full orgasms shown from both men and women.  While some older videos are lacking any true production value, the rest of has plenty of content promises to arouse any viewer.


In addition to streaming video content, there are also over 5,000 photos of hot models in different poses.  Subscribers have access to these pictures in addition to the videos.  Models range from young to old, and simple to sassy.  While some of the photos are basic headshots, others are more hardcore photos on ladies engaged in different sexual poses. Some of these erotic photos are not the highest quality, but most of the pictures are high resolution.  This ensures that every nook and cranny that a user wants to see is there.

What Users are Saying- 

Users of are generally impressed with the site’s content and usability.  Reviews of the videos are positive, with the website’s ethnic diversity being a large draw.  From Asian girls getting ass-fucked to nasty French ladies getting cummed on, there is something (or someone) for everyone.  There is also a section of videos that include women with larger breasts fucking and sucking.  If users are looking for MILFs, there are plenty of those too.

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Are you wondering why you’re single? Are all your friends in happy relationship while you are stuck with being alone? Do you feel like you need new people in your life? Check out to help you widen your social circle. Mingle2 has a large database of members, and a lot of singles who want to meet with other people. Mingle2 can help you significantly improve your love life! You’ll be glad to hear that Mingle2 is absolutely free. Nothing can stop you from meeting all the new people you want. You no longer need to go out, you can put your time into getting laid online.

Mingle2 has made online dating easy and accessible for everyone. With a site like this, you really have nothing to lose and all the friends to gain. You don’t even have to pay for anything to access the massive profile collection.

Here’s what you will get

The new Mingle2 is the combination of what used to be JustSayHi and the old Mingle2. Imagine all the features you can use and the large database of cool people you can meet! has all the basic features of online dating sites like chats, forums as well as messaging and you will find their comprehensive search system extremely convenient. When you use it, you can first try searching for the people nearest to your area. Eventually, the site will then show members in the outlying areas. It is extremely convenient because you can search by age, gender, and zip code. However, a search of both genders option is not available, so bisexual friends might have difficulty searching for their preferences.

Only on Mingle2

Mingle2 makes it a point to make it easier for users to see what the site has to offer. Just by scanning the page, you can immediately see the profiles that will appeal to you. The format of the page is extremely easy to use, so you will have no problems even if you are not an Internet genius. Mingle2 made it convenient for users of all experience levels.

If you are just dropping by without the intention of interacting with other people, you can use the “stealth mode” so that your profile will be invisible. Should you wish, you could also turn off the messaging service if you don’t want anyone to bother you (though I can’t think of any reason for you to do that). Also, Mingle2 has forums that you will automatically join based on the information you put on your profile and settings. If you want to change anything about how you join forums, just click on forum settings and make the necessary adjustments.

The Mingle2 Experience

As with all dating sites, there are scammers and unwanted creepers. As always, be selective about the people you choose to interact with. Don’t feel pressured to talk to anyone, and don’t give out personal information at all costs. There are many profiles on the site and the true challenge is trying to figure out who has genuine interest in you.

Also, note that you should avoid the ads which are cleverly disguised as parts of the page. Some of those links will lead you outside the site


Put away your credit card because you won’t need it. The most basic features of the website are free. However, if you want something a bit more, you can avail of our extra services to make your Mingle2 experience a bit more fun and easy.

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