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Looking for a casual hook-up with a horny guy or gal with no strings attached? may be the website for you. Promising to connect local singles, this adult dating site is one of many that may or may not be legit. How can you tell if a hook-up site is legit? Read this review obviously! There have been lots of mixed feelings regarding Xmatch, so it may be good to do a little investigating before you fully commit. could possibly be one of the most unappealing adult dating sites around – it’s landing page is terrible, the girls featured are NOT HOT, and the whole interface is slow and wonky. While you may indeed have success finding some chicks who want to play, they probably will not be tens. Even the naked girl on the landing page is a five at best. And prepare to pay up if you really want to get down and dirty – no dating site is completely free.

Does deliver?

Well, it really depends on what you’re looking for. gives users the opportunity to meet local horny singles, look at live web cam shows, or even peruse amateur porn clips and pictures. The quality of the online content is something to be desire; lots of pixels, photo-shopping, and low-light. Of course, it is amateur after all but most people involved with online porn know better than to be in a pitch black room with a cell phone camera from 2008. However, if you want naked photos and videos, they are here for sure.

Looking for a real-life meet-up in order to get your dick wet? That may be a bit more challenging, that is, if you’re picky about who you fuck. As mentioned above, most of the girls on Xmatch are not conventionally hot. However, there is something for everyone and who am I to judge? If you’re searching for porn-star level women, this website is not for you. If you do want real-looking people who are horny and available, then you’re in luck.

One user of the site, DowntownBrown36, stated that while he was not in the market for a “super-hot” chick, he still found some decent ladies on the site. Most guys realize that they probably aren’t going to end up with Jennifer Lopez or Charlize Theron and with that in mind, isn’t so bad. DowntownBrown36 said that while it did take some time, he eventually was able to connect with a few chicks via the site. One woman was in her mid-30s, a bit thick, with tattoos and the reviewer said that the sex was decent enough that he would continue to use the site. However, he did say that many of the women are obviously desperate and that is a huge turn-off.

Is a scam?

It’s difficult to answer this question definitively as one’s own interpretation of the word “scam” should be considered. If you think you’re going to find America’s Next Top Model or something, look elsewhere. Most people assume that if something costs money, it will automatically be great. This is not the case with Xmatch, unless great to you means successfully fucking someone. No, they probably won’t be Nicki Minaj, but will you cum? More than likely. As reviews state, the quality of this website is a bit low but hook-ups have happened.

I feel personally like you’re better off sticking to a free site like Craigslist or Backpage if you want casual sex with someone who is regular looking and basic. Paying a subscription fee for doesn’t feel right, as most of these people probably do have existing ads on free websites. Why throw money down the drain when the same person can be found for nothing? At the same time, there are other opportunities on Xmatch to see web cam shows and porn so maybe it’s not all a scam. Again though, I must say, there are plenty of free places to see what you’ll see on

The Final Word is not winning any prizes for best hook-up site anytime soon. Personally, I feel like the website needs a lot of work if it wants to impress people and gain paid users. The women on the landing page are not that attractive, and the quality of pictures and videos is definitely lacking. However, the site still has merit when it comes to creating legit hook-ups with rather less hot people. Will you get to have casual sex? Probably. Will it be with a super-hot cougar that knows every trick in the book? Probably not. Personally, I would stick with free websites such as Craigslist instead of a site like It gets you the same results, only without the jacked-up prices. But remember, results always vary so feel free to check the site out and see what YOU think!

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