What is HiSlut?

Hislut.com has been posted on every new porn video I’ve seen over the past few weeks. It’s an interesting site because in reality there is no membership and it’s not a real site. They brand their site all over porn videos so you or I will check out the site when we’re feeling lonely. Once you do, you see a hot naked woman and a questionnaire. It asks a few questions:

Are you over 24?

Do you have any STD’s?

Do you wear a condom?

Then they proceed to look official by confirming you qualify and asking you to treat everyone in the site with respect. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what you answer in the survey, they are going to send you to the justhookup.com landing page. They’ve already roped you in, now they want to tie you down.

Frankly, I find it hilarious that you can go back and retake the questionnaire with entirely different answers and they send you through the same stream. They could of at least sent you to separate sites depending on your answers. If you are really looking to get laid with no strings attached, don’t waste your time on HiSlut.com

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