Five Reasons Your Unsuccessful on has gained a lot of attention over the last couple of years as a new alternative to legitimate adult dating sites. It’s extremely user friendly with a nice clean interface and doesn’t dominate your screen with pop-ups every time you log on. It looks like the kind of site a shy girl could test the waters or a guy could show his weiner and that’s part of why it gets thousands of clicks per day. So, why do people have problems finding a hookup on it?

1. It’s just not big enough yet. Upon first glance you’ll see a lot of profiles in your area and they all look pretty legit, but it doesn’t take long to realize that most of the girls you might actually want to talk to are fake, just looking to lure you into a paid webchat, or are users that haven’t been online in a while. Over time they will likely grow and have more users to source from but if you aren’t in a big city, it probably isn’t worth your time. We recommend one of the top 4 sites to find a casual encounter to find what you’re looking for.

2. Your profile needs some work. You need to do more than just throw a random picture up and tell a few mundane details about yourself. Your profile needs to really pop out and give a girl a reason to want to know more about you.

3. Your pictures show too much. Even though it’s adult dating, try to leave a little bit to the imagination. Remember you want her to want more. If she gets everything in front of her right away, then you are taking away one of the reasons she might contact you.

4. You aren’t checking to make sure the girls you talk to have a “verified” profile. This is a nice feature of fuckbook. They allow you to search verified profiles within your area with a free membership. This will give you a sense of what you’re really working with in your area. If you feel like you keep getting burned by girls that turn out to be bots or that just try to lure you somewhere else, then double check that they are a verified member. This will weed out most of the fake girls on the site.

5. You aren’t branching out to other sites. If you really want to get laid and find new girls to sleep with, you have to signup for at least one more adult dating site. I always recommend AdultFriendFinder as a base. You should at least have the free trial membership here and then I’d say try one more alternative kind of site that is more in sync with what you’re interested in. Once you have 2-3 active memberships then you can really start to fill up your calendar with sex dates. It may sound expensive, but it’s much cheaper than a membership combined with going on actual dates. That can easily cost $500+/mo just to impress 1-2 girl(s) that are probably looking for more than a fling anyways. Sign up for a few adult dating sites (See’s Top 10 Adult Dating Site List) and for $99/mo (total) you can start meeting tons of different girls just looking to hookup.


Overall is actually a really good site but it probably shouldn’t be your first option when dipping your toes into the world of adult dating. You’ll want to try a larger site first to get a better feel for how adult dating works and what you’re into. After you’ve tested the waters and learned more about how to talk to girls on a larger adult dating/hookup site then you should give a try. If you’ve tried it before or are a current member leave a message below on your thoughts about fuckbook.

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