Five Reasons to Try

There are literally thousands of adult dating sites out there these days. When I first started this site, it was to help people navigate through all the spam and scams online. It just-so-happens that a lot of these scams and spam are within the adult dating industry. A couple years ago it was easy to see when a site was shady and I always did my best to make sure people avoided it. Today we’re looking further into since I’ve been getting a lot of positive emails about the site.

Hotmatch isn’t new, but it’s good.

They have been around a while and offer the exact same format as many other hookup sites, but they offer something many don’t and that’s “real people, real sex” just like their tagline says. I have not seen a single bot on the site which I can’t even say about the bigger adult dating networks out there.

Sexy Profile Pics

This site has got some of the best eye candy online. The girls on this site are so hot it’s ridiculous.

Setup is Easy makes it easier than any other site to create a profile. They aren’t squeezing you for more info than you want to give. They simply get what’s needed for you to have a positive experience and for them to get paid, no more, no less. The ease of use on the site overall is one of my favorite characteristics. It’s easy to message hot women, update your profile, or enter a sex chat. Too many adult hookup style sites make it too complicated.

Girls are Horny

The women on this site are truly hot and horny. I’ve tried sites like HornyMatches┬ábefore with the hopes of finding women that are local and ready to go that night. The problem usually is that you get online with a girl who’s drunk or just looking to chat for now. It’s like they need to warm up to you sexually first before you get to a point where you’re going over to her house for sex. Hotmatch is the first site for me to have girls that are ready to go right away. I wish I knew why this was the case (I don’t), but I’m not complaining!

Trial Period

They have a 3 day trial that’s entirely free. Like any subscription service out there, they will charge your card after that so if you aren’t serious about a membership be sure to cancel after a couple days. I loved their trial because it gave me full access to the site. I could send and receive messages and I even setup a casual encounter the first day of my trial, so it was a free way for me to get laid. I eventually kept the subscription and I use it almost every weekend now.

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