5 Reasons not to sign up for JustHookUp.com

Many people looking to meet a potential match online often scour popular websites to find men or women in their area who share common interests. Although many of these websites have proved successful, there are still many that are scams and have convinced people to sign up for costly memberships that provide nothing in return.

Justhookup.com is a popular website for people to mingle and have a fling with a stranger that they met over the Internet. Although it has increased in popularity in recent years, the website is receiving poor reviews by many of its former members due to inauthentic profiles, fake messages, and proving to be a complete fraud for those who register.

The website boasts free profiles and registration, but in this case it’s easy to say that you get what you pay for. Although the website’s interface is smart, it’s very difficult to even connect with real people on the social networking site and confirm that you’re messaging real members. Many new people who register on the site complain of receiving bogus messages from fake people who never respond. The pictures on the different profiles on the website can easily be found with photo searching software used on the Internet from women who may not even be aware that their photos are being used on the scam website.

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Members registered on justhookup also complain of hacked profiles after upgrading to lifetime memberships. Thousands of profiles on the site are said to be BC bots with the purpose of scamming members into paying costly membership fees after signing up. Other members have complained that the developer of the website has created a program where members’ exact locations are located from the cookies, as fake profiles are then created in that location to make the members believe they are able to connect and communicate with hundreds of men or women in their area.

Other members who have agreed to pay the $50 membership fee have also found it difficult to cancel once they realize the website is illegitimate and a scam. They continue to be charged for the website with no real results. The site itself admits to fake profiles listed on the website in its Terms and Conditions, as it discusses “virtual cupids,” which are completely fictitious.

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Former members have written a justhookup.com review, saying that they received tons of messages from attractive women in their area, but after finally purchasing a membership, the messages stopped completely. They didn’t even receive replies after sending out several different messages to members on the website. Members have also had problems with having their Yahoo ID being registered in a database that allows women from Ghana to access the IDs and contact the members several times a day to potentially scam them once again.

When trying to contact customer service before writing a justhookup review, they never return messages and do nothing to improve the situation or communicate to frustrated members. It seems as if the social networking website is a black hole that’s main purpose is to scam people for their money without providing anything in return.

The website also offers forums for topics to be discussed. Although registered members are allowed to communicate with each other, they are immediately kicked out of the forums if they complain about the website or say anything negative that may affect other members’ opinions of justhookup.com.

For those who have already registered the website and have linked their credit card, it’s important to contact your credit card company and report fraud so the situation is further investigated and to ensure your money is returned in full. It will also slow down the progression of the website and make it more difficult for them to scam other potential members.

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